Ceramic Coating Your Vehicle

What is a Ceramic Coating?

  • Well in Short it is added layer of protection that unlike traditional wax's that only last a couple months, the Ceramic coating will last years if cared for properly. It enhances the gloss of your paint, keeps your vehicle cleaner longer, helps reduce swirl and small scratches from normal wear and tear, and it has water repelling properties (hydrophobic) to name a few Benefits.
  • Ceramic Coating can be very labor intensive, thus the higher price associated with them. Think of it as you are sealing everything in, but before you do you need have the paint free of imperfections. In order to do that, depending on the condition of the paint, compounding and polishing usually are needed to remove those imperfections. 

Satisfied Ceramic Customers

Scratch Repair

Scratches Happen to everyone Especially being out here in the Desert. Some are deep some are light. Before running to a body shop to get those unsightly scratches out and paying thousands to have a new paint job applied Stop by and have it assessed at JMD. Believe it or not most scratches can be "Buffed out."